Desso’s New AirMaster® Carpet Tiles Contribute to an Improved Indoor Environment

Desso’s New AirMaster® Carpet Tiles Contribute to an Improved Indoor Environment

Leading European carpet manufacturer, Desso, has launched AirMaster®, a carpet tile designed to improve indoor air quality and create a healthier interior environment.

This new type of carpet has been specially developed to improve the air quality inside buildings. Indoor air quality is often far from ideal, mostly because of the high concentrations of fine dust and particulate matter.

AirMaster® has been developed over the past year and has undergone extensive testing by the independent German testing institute GUI. The study showed that the patented technology of AirMaster® is eight times more effective in trapping particulate matter than hard floors and four times more effective than a standard carpet.

This makes Desso the world’s only manufacturer to offer a product certified with the GUI’s golden logo and demonstrates that these carpet tiles are 80% more effective than hard floors when it comes to trapping particulate matter.

“The carpet significantly reduces the amount of dust and particulate matter that float around indoors. The World Health Organization has warned that it is particularly hazardous to inhale particulate matter,” says Desso Chief Commercial Officer Alexander Collot d’Escury. “Miniscule dust particles end up in the lungs, the smallest particles even in the blood stream, and this could have serious consequences for human health.”

The Desso engineered product is constructed from a combination of high and low rib structures. The high pile consists of ultra fine yarn filaments capturing and retaining the smallest particulate matter. The coarser dust is captured in the thick yarns of the lower pile. The open product structure ensures that dust is easily released during cleaning, to ensure maximum regeneration of the carpet’s filtering functionality.

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