Desso Take Back™ Programme - Diverting Carpet Tiles from Landfill

Desso Take Back™ Programme - Diverting Carpet Tiles from Landfill

Desso has introduced a carpet tile Take Back™ Programme, which is now fully operational across the UK. Through the development of the Take Back™ process, material to landfill will be reduced at an ever growing rate.

The Take Back™ Programme forms part of Desso’s overall Cradle to Cradle objective under the stewardship of Hamburg-based Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA).

While carpets may be recyclable, it is vital that the recycling actually takes place. As a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) manufacturer, Desso’s commitment to this design philosophy is by definition one of a long-term nature. However, C2C is only possible if materials are captured for recycling and reprocessing. The Take Back™ Programme ensures that the carpet can be properly reprocessed.

The Desso Take Back™ programme involves diverting uplifted carpet from landfill through one of the following streams; re-use, fuel for energy or material component separation and/or recycling:

  • Re use - carpet tiles are cleaned and re-used through specialist partners
  • Fuel for Energy - carpet tiles are shredded, mixed with other materials and used to make flock (high calorific fuel) for burning in cement manufacturers kilns, where the residual ash is used in the cementitious product, or alternatively used as fuel for incineration for creating electricity - fed into the National Grid
  • Material recovery - carpet tile components are separated for recycling under the Desso Cradle to Cradle development programme.

    Desso manages recovery of the carpet tiles and provides certification after completion, to verify the recycling destination, quantity, and type.

    Keith Hall, Technical Manager at Desso commented: “Carpet tiles are designed to be hard wearing hence a second life is perfectly feasible for tiles in good condition. Alternative recycling options are available for tiles which are unsuitable for re-use, and whilst the company’s main objective of establishing an infinite recycling option for its carpet tiles is developed, these other interim outlets provide environmentally sound alternatives to landfill.”

    This programme includes all types of carpet, irrespective of brand and type, with the exception of carpets containing PVC which is not considered suitable for reuse according to Cradle to Cradle principles.

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