Domiz roofing slate for Dartford cottage

Domiz roofing slate for Dartford cottage

In order to restore character to the structure, a cottage in Dartford, Kent has undergone a roofing makeover, with 4,000 of SSQ’s standard grade Domiz roofing slate tiles replacing the old roof. The previous bevel shaped roof slates on the cottage were over shaped and had lost adequate headlap, which led to the roof leaking. The owners, who purchased the property in 2014, wanted to restore the character to the 170-year-old building and felt that one of the most effective ways of achieving this was to replace the old slates on the roof.

The owners also wanted a cost effective solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality, as such, SSQ’s standard grade Domiz slates were selected. Paschal Fennelly of Roberts Roofing said: “Replacing the roof wasn’t just a standard slating job – it was important to the new owners that the character be restored back into the structure following the demise of the old roof slates. SSQ’s standard grade Domiz slate worked perfectly as a match for the original slates.”

SSQ Domiz with its natural rich, blue-grey colour will not fade even in the strongest sunlight or harshest environments, regardless of the grade selected. Tested in accordance with EN 12326 and carrying the CE marking, Domiz slate is covered by a 50-year guarantee making it ideal, as it is likely to outlast the structure it rests upon. The cost of the standard grade is less than the 1st grade Domiz slate, and even though extra labour is required in comparison to 1st grade when it comes to laying the slate, the savings made on materials make it a worthwhile investment. Plus, despite the additional grading and sorting, the end appearance will be just as consistent and as beautiful as a 1st grade slate roof.

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