Don’t just recycle, ReUse with Tarkett

Don’t just recycle, ReUse with Tarkett

Tarkett is a global supplier of resilient floorcoverings to commercial, public sector and residential markets, with a global responsibility to be at the forefront of environmental issues. ReUse is Tarkett’s philosophy for recycling, where post-installation vinyl waste is reformulated and then manufactured back into new flooring. ReUse means just that, without any ambiguity regarding what actually happens to recyclates.

Straight-forward and easy to organise, Tarkett’s ReUse programme makes recycling simple. Special ReUse collection bags can be requested by phone for collecting post installation off-cuts or roll ends of all Tarkett ranges, ensuring they’re as clean as possible. When the ReUse bags are full, Tarkett will pick them up from site, delivering new bags at the same time. Waste is then taken back to Tarkett’s factory in Lenham and a certificate can be issued to confirm the volume of waste collected and recycled.

The service is designed for onsite collection at all medium to large contracts, or alternatively directly from the contractor’s premises. Reusable waste includes homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, PVC sports floors, welding rods and end of rolls. Tarkett can also recycle safety floorcoverings and linoleum waste.

As Tarkett operates its own recycling facilities, it can offer a fast turn-around of waste materials, meaning that waste collected from larger contracts can be reprocessed and returned within new flooring to the same site in a closed-loop system. Collecting waste within normal delivery cycles also avoids the impact of additional haulage, and significant energy savings can be achieved when processing recycled vinyl waste.

Working closely with end users, main contractors, distributors and installers, Tarkett’s ReUse programme provides a practical, tried and tested solution for recycling. All parties sign an agreement to be a partner in the collection of post installation material and a Partnership Certificate is issued acknowledging cooperation and environmental contribution. The ReUse Programme is particularly suited to PFI and other medium/large contracts, including those where management of environmental waste is a contract requirement. Signing up to the Programme can give flooring contractors a real edge in these highly competitive markets.

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