Doorset Solutions for Health

Doorset Solutions for Health

For many years, Leaderflush Shapland has created doorset solutions which are suitable for the most demanding healthcare situations including surgery suites, pathology labs and pharmacies and can satisfy a wide range of technical performance requirements such as fire resistance, smoke control, sound reduction, antimicrobial protection, water resistance and X-ray protection.

Combating healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) is crucial in healthcare environments. As such, Leaderflush Shapland has developed doorset solutions in their Designer, Plasform and Extended Performance ranges which help raise the standards of hygiene and aid in controlling the spread of infections through the use of a highly effective antibacterial additive which kills harmful species of bacteria including C.diff, MRSA, Salmonella and E.coli remaining effective for years. The additive has been used as a standard finish for Leaderflush Shapland’s veneered doorsets for some time and has now been extended to PVC facings to create Hygieniform.

Hygieniform is a high-impact PVC which incorporates the anti-microbial additive throughout the complete 2mm thickness of the PVC, so that even if the surface is scratched, it will still keep its antimicrobial properties, as well as being suitable for severe-duty applications through its durability and robust qualities.

To reduce contamination further, Leaderflush Shapland offers a range of architectural hardware which can also incorporate the antibacterial additive to provide a complete end-to-end antimicrobial doorset solution for a total bespoke doorset package.

Infection Control in the Built Environment (design and planning) calls for smooth, hard impervious surfaces which are easy to clean and durable. Leaderflush Shapland offers many suitable products including Plasform fully encapsulated postformed doorsets – suitable for all healthcare environments, which avoid sharp corners and are resistant to chemicals. Plasform gives flexibility for many applications allowing tremendous scope to demonstrate flair through colourful or simple, contemporary designs.

In the last 12 months, Leaderflush Shapland has manufactured nearly 14,000 doorsets for health projects alone. Over 1,200 doorsets were supplied to the three hospital schemes which are on the list of Europe's most-impressive architectural projects - the New Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow, Downe Hospital in Northern Ireland and The Skypad Teenage Cancer Trust Unit in Cardiff. Competing with flagship residential, leisure, industrial and educational facilities, the three developments were singled out as examples of design best practice in the 2010 RIBA Awards.

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