Doorsets with a Difference

Doorsets with a Difference

Q: When is a door not a door?

A: When it is a highly effective antimicrobial barrier which kills harmful, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Or, when it is an intelligent interface between healthcare staff and patients which can be changed from clear to frosted at the flick of a switch. In fact, virtually any door or doorset which has been designed and manufactured by Leaderflush Shapland has performance levels engineered-in above and beyond normal expectations. All veneered doorsets incorporate Hygienilac, an antimicrobial wood lacquer additive which kills most harmful bacteria including C.diff, MRSA, Salmonella, Ecoli and Listeria – an invaluable weapon in the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs).

Intelliglass uses liquid crystal glass technology to change vision panels from clear to obscured - the ideal solution where privacy may be required. Leaderflush Shapland, the UK’s leading performance doorset manufacturer, offers a wide range of innovative products specially suited for the healthcare sector and is particularly committed to developing products which help to raise standards of hygiene and control the spread of infections.

The Leaderflush Shapland Flushglaze, Cleanglaze and Duoglaze glazing systems, available in the Plasform Unique and Plasform WR product ranges, are particularly well suited to applications where hygiene is paramount; their flush surfaces creating a low maintenance, easy to clean durable finish.

Hygienilac is also incorporated into the high impact PVC facing to create a new product - Hygieniform - which maintains its antibacterial properties even if the surface is scratched and overcomes issues with bacteria build up that can ordinarily occur on the surface of high-impact, textured PVC.

For a complete, hygienic solution covering all aspects of the doorset, Hygienilac can be added to Leaderflush Shapland clear or coloured powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel ironmongery products to provide an extremely durable finish with long-lasting antibacterial properties. Another innovative Leaderflush Shapland development involves the hinge edge of doors which, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), is the cause of 30,000 children seriously injuring their fingers each year. Sentinel is a highly effective and unobtrusive finger protection solution for a wide range of environments including education, health, sports, leisure and public buildings.

Leaderflush Shapland is committed to a programme of continuous product development and won the CPA’s Innovation and Achievement Award in 2008 for Sentinel and in 2009 for Hygieniform.

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