Drainage Evolution - Multi V+ Channel

Drainage Evolution - Multi V+ Channel

The evolution of the R&D processes and the 20 years’ experience of ULMA Architectural Solutions in drainage solutions has allowed them to develop the MULTI V + range.

These channels are adapted to the needs of the market, unifying in a single system all the following: economy, reduced heights, 8 fixing points and the possibility of cascaded slopes.

This system is available in various heights and up to load class D400. It is suitable for pedestrian areas, commercial areas, and parking lots for all types of vehicles.

Main advantages included:

1. Optimized V-shaped section with self-cleaning effect
This shape is specially designed for channel runs with no longitudinal slope and will have higher water speed with lower flows and bigger drainage capacity for extreme flows.

This will allow you to drain water faster and have an improved self-cleaning effect. Resulting in savings in cleaning and maintenance works.

Moreover, it’s optimized section, larger than the traditional V-sections on the market, provides superior hydraulic capacity at extreme flow rates, guaranteeing the security of the area.

2. Rapidlock® fastening system, quick and safe
The fast and boltless ULMA Rapidlock® fastening system makes possible to connect the grating to the channel body quickly, safely and effortlessly. Resulting in reduced labour costs, due to its one-second fastening, tool-free installation and easy maintenance.

3. Mechanical stability with 8 fastening points, for major security
Its 8-point fastening system provides higher stability and stress distribution throughout the grating and the channel. Ensuring the greatest security in the area and will give a longer life to the grating, reducing possible breaks and incidents.

4. Multiple fastening options, easily adaptable to your needs
Rapidclok® and screw-fastened system can be replaced and combined. It is even with already installed channels with no need to replace the gratings, by simply replacing the fastening components.

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