Drainage outlets for flat roof refurbs – The importance of a fail-safe seal

Drainage outlets for flat roof refurbs – The importance of a fail-safe seal

When using flat roof outlets in both new build and refurbishment applications, it is critical to ensure that the seal is fail-safe and proven. In refurbishment applications, the stem of the outlet is inserted inside the existing pipework and the seal at the base of the outlet ensures that the area is protected from water backup.

Water backup takes place when a blockage occurs within the main drainage pipework of the building. From the blockage the water ‘backs up’ the pipe until it reaches the point where the outlet has been installed. The seal on the outlet provides a watertight connection at this critical point.

The FarBo and U-Flow outlets stocked at FIXFAST all feature simple but proven and effective seals manufactured from high quality, durable material.

To see how the FarBo roof drainage system was used in the Bermondsey Square Hotel click here.

The videos below show the importance of ensuring that the seal on the outlet is an effective one, and just how much back-up pressure a seal can withstand.

The Ultimate Test For The FarBo O Ring Seal Video

Installation of the U Flow drainage outlet Video

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