DSV Warehouse, Purfleet, Essex

DSV Warehouse, Purfleet, Essex

Site: Purfleet, Essex
Client: DSV Ltd

To supply a large clear span structure to compliment existing facilities. The structure would have three permanently open 5m x 6m access apertures in an exposed site near the Thames causing potential extreme uplift and shear loads on the structure.

Required lead time
8 weeks from order to commencement of operations.

Other Issues
The sloping nature of the site required a bespoke approach to achieve structural stability and modified cladding to achieve a water resistant perimeter at ground level.

To provide a safe, protected storage and distribution environment for increasing quantities of large goods previously temporarily stored outside.

• 25m x 35m x 6m structure delivered and constructed on time.
• Construction time of just 2 weeks.
• BS6399 calculation and engineering of the structure guarantees no structural issues with wind loadings longevity of structure.
• Relocatable nature of the building means that it can be moved to a new site if desired.
• Client able to commence operations as per project schedule.

Client Endorsement
DSV have been extremely satisfied with the purchase from Useful Structures, the building has given us much more flexibility in our daily operations. The fact that the structure can be put up and operational so quickly was a massive bonus to us as time was critical factor in our decision making process.

David Penticost
Branch Manager, DSV Road Ltd (DFDS Transport)

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