DWTA Welcomes New Part L Domestic Heating

DWTA Welcomes New Part L Domestic Heating

BEAMA’s Domestic Water Treatment Association (DWTA) has welcomed the new Part L Domestic Heating Compliance Guide.
The guide states that ‘as a minimum’ chemical inhibitors should be BuildCert-approved. This applies to new-build systems, and when changing a boiler in retrofit circumstances.

Kelly Butler, BEAMA’s marketing director comments: "This is a further important step forwards for the chemical water treatment industry, reflecting the growing recognition of the benefits chemical inhibitors bring to maintaining heating system efficiency."

She continues: "The DWTA has campaigned tirelessly for the recognition of quality chemical inhibitor products and the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS) achieves this aim. To now have BuildCert recognised in the Building Regulations is an important step towards establishing inhibitors as an energy efficient measure, backed by a robust and independent quality approval test."

"The CIAS standard (developed by the DWTA) tests whether chemical manufacturers’ inhibitors deliver tangible system benefits and has attracted much industry support. Developed through industry consultation, the standard ensures that all approved products meet the required level of efficacy."

“Also, we welcome the provision for scale-reducers within hot water systems as these demonstrate clear energy efficiency benefits. But, significantly, Part L does state that softened water should not be applied to primary heating systems. Again, this follows DWTA evidence-based approaches to CLG stating that the application of water, which has passed through a water softener, can promote corrosion with aluminium and mild steel.”

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