Easitex lowers ‘on floor’ costs

Easitex lowers ‘on floor’ costs

Easitex, Gerflor’s 4.2mm ultra thick, 0.7 tog and 20db sound insulation rated flooring with built-in, performance enhancing underlay, is not only spearheading a new standard in residential vinyl, but is also speeding up installation times and driving down ‘on floor’ costs by up to 30% compared with standard vinyl.

Thermally and acoustically advanced, Easitex is a high performing, durable, R10 slip resistant flooring in an impressive range of designs and colours, which combines the warmth and comfort of carpet with the simple upkeep of vinyl. Due to its unique construction formula, reduced sub-floor preparation and quicker fitting times permit easier and less costly renovation, and general installation within housing.

Easitex features Gerflor’s patented fibre technology, encapsulated in a 2.2mm thick polyester backing layer that creates a thermal barrier to minimise heat loss through the floor. Thermal efficiencies are boosted and noise transference reduced, especially in rooms below and within multi-occupancy buildings.

These benefits are made possible by the backing system working in combination with a dimensionally stable interlayer to facilitate straightforward, adhesive-free installation of up to 35 sq.m over concrete and most existing smooth floorings. The interlayer is also waterproof and resists up to 90% RH.

Compatible with underfloor heating systems, Easitex in two, three and four metre widths, has a 15-year guarantee and a 0.35mm thick, PureClean™ matt surface layer, which is capable of 98% indentation recovery. Manufactured at Gerflor’s ISO 14001 certified production sites and environmentally sustainable, Easitex is 100% recyclable and contains a high percentage of recycled materials including 97% recycled fibres in its GFT backing.

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