Ecodan Live Trial

Client: Ecodan live trial
Type of works: Jaga Strada DBE radiators

Strada DBE radiators by Jaga Heating Products were selected for the live trial of Ecodan’s air source heat pump at a family home in Hertfordshire. The trial, which demonstrated Ecodan and Jaga’s achievement of reaching in excess of 300 per cent efficiency levels, highlighted the importance of selecting the correct radiator - ensuring homeowners are able to get the maximum results from their heating system.

The Strada radiators feature Jaga’s Dynamic Boost Effect technology, which allows the homeowner the opportunity to quickly increase the temperature of a room if required. The Strada DBE offers maximum efficiency at low water temperatures, while containing 15 per cent of the water normally stored within traditional radiators. The lower the water content, the quicker the radiator can heat a room up, allowing Jaga’s Strada to provide powerful results.

Jason Tinsley, Technical Manager for Ecodan, said: “Intelligent radiators like these use microprocessors to monitor the surrounding conditions in ways that traditional ones simply can’t and they will react to outdoor temperatures much more quickly, reducing the heat output if necessary or raising or lowering the flow temperature as required. This gives the homeowner much better control of the overall energy use.”

Ecodan’s 8.5kW unit provided all the heating and hot water required by the family – including nine Strada DBEs. The trial took place during the winter throughout Britain’s deep freeze, where the country reached sub-zero temperatures and saw some of the heaviest snowfalls in almost half a century. The extreme weather conditions demonstrated the level of success achieved by both Jaga and Ecodan, who together provided the family home with a comfortable temperature of approximately 20°C.

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