Ecoprod taps at gold-standard Sussex dental practice

Ecoprod taps at gold-standard Sussex dental practice

The Sussex Implant Centre and Advanced Dentistry has been using the miscea CLASSIC tap by Ecoprod for over a year.

The product was originally specified after the practice owner Dr Wener Slabbert saw one installed at another practice. Impressed with the aesthetic look of the product and from what he’d heard from others he decided to have them installed at his own dental implant practice when it opened in 2017.

Dental practices in the UK need to meet the CQC rules when it comes to hand washing and hygiene. Meaning, that dental staff are required to use soap, disinfectant and hand lotion when washing their hands, meaning the miscea CLASSIC was an ideal solution for Dr Slabbert.

Soap and disinfectant dispensers have been engineered directly into the miscea CLASSIC system eliminating the need for separate dispensers. This clever 3 in 1 ergonomic design ensures hand washing is performed efficiently and conveniently while drips from liquid product usage are neatly contained in the sink resulting in no messy puddles for safer, cleaner and more hygienic facilities.

Dr Slabbert commented of the product: “It is more a gold standard tap and that’s what our aim was with this practice – to set up a gold standard practice rather than just minimum standards, and if you are interested in something different that will go the extra mile, it does make a difference. This is something you’re going to use fifty times a day so I think you should spend some time thinking about that and making your life a little bit simpler.”

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