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EFAFLEX shares manufacturing knowledge of 'Tall Buildings' [BLOG]

EFAFLEX shares manufacturing knowledge of 'Tall Buildings' [BLOG]

EFAFLEX are increasingly being asked to share their industry knowledge of manufacturing big doors for big apertures which are not only functional but practical too. With installations around the world, German global leader in high-speed doors are requested to assist in a variety of tall door projects.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai standing at a magnificent 2,717 feet has been the tallest skyscraper since 2008 and classified not just as tall, but mega-tall. Buildings can be built in epic proportions for a number of reasons. There could be limitations on available ground space, so the only way is to build up, such as high-rise flats in inner city locations. Prestige or pride is another reason for tall buildings such as castles, and fortress when size was a sign of power and wealth. There’s also the functionality angle too, where the task in hand demands a tall building such as aircraft hangars, and railway maintenance garages.

A recent installation saw them work as part of a cement business in China. Tangxian Jidong Cement Co Limited is the fifth largest in the world with a staggering 333,500 square metre facility that produces 7 million tonnes of cement every year. Here the client needed a high-speed door that was reliable, and quick to open and close in order to minimise the risk of odors being spread. In addition, the door needed to be durable, and capable of a high volume of operating cycles in order to enhance the smooth logistics and flow of processes. 6 doors were required in the facility, each measuring 4.5 metres wide by up to 7 metres tall.

Now switch locations from China to Austria and industry sector from cement production to freight transportation, but with similar client needs; a requirement for a fast action door, to minimise exposure to the elements. Here EFAFLEX designed, manufactured and installed the largest door in their near half a century history. The Österreichische Bundesbahn (or ÖBB as it’s known) is one of the most important freight hubs in the Country. Opened nearly 30 years ago, as a freight yard with an integrated terminal, it has experienced dynamic growth and needed to be modernized in order to cope with the increase in the level of goods being handled. The opening to the area is larger than most detached houses. Weighing a hefty 4.3 tonnes and measuring 11 metres in height by 8.5 metres width, specialist lifting equipment needed to be used in order to manoeuvre the door into situ.

The client’s requirements were clear. Big, super big in fact, but still fast and safe. A tall order for some perhaps, but not so EFAFLEX. They designed a colossal door which featured 49 unique EFA-Therm laths, for exceptional insulation properties – DIN EN 13241-1 (under 1.0 W/mÇK) with four being transparent to create portholes for improved visibility.

Big does not necessarily mean slow as witnessed at the ÖBB site with opening speeds of 0.5 metres per second and closing at 0.3 metres per second. EFAFLEX are the only company in the world to specialise in the design and manufacture of high-speed doors. Their range is ideal for a variety of environments including warehouse, logistics, car parks, cleanroom, food production and pharmaceutical. Each project is carefully assessed to match the clients brief, whether that’s to improve performance, reduce energy costs, improve user safety, reduce noise, or all of these.

Whilst the Burj Khalifa is set to be knocked off its mega- tall throne in 2020 when the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia opens at 3,280 feet, the same cannot be said of EFAFLEX. Their investment in design, innovation and company knowledge means that they are set to remain the king (or queen) of high-speed doors for many years to come.

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