Effective Climate Protection is Child's Play

Effective Climate Protection is Child's Play

Schueco is showing a TV commercial on CNBC within the framework of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference. As a pioneer, the company knows how important sustainable building envelopes are for the environment.

Bielefeld. The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference is underway in Copenhagen. There is endless material for discussion. Schueco International KG has acted rather than talked for many years, and this is conveyed by the new commercial. “You grown-ups keep talking about climate protection. Even though doing something about it is very easy, with Schueco windows and solar products.” This message from the mouth of a small girl is at the center of the 20-second commercial, with which Schueco International KG points to the necessity of urgent action regarding sustainable climate protection on the occasion of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. When the conference begins on December 7, 2009, the commercial will be shown on the 24-hour news channel CNBC Europe.

CNBC airs up to 20 commercials and hotboards a day. The network is the only official media partner of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. The aim of the summit is for the member states to reach an agreement on a new body of rules taking effect after 2012 and to develop a subsequent regime for the Kyoto Protocol. In addition, the emission of greenhouse gases is to be reduced so that global warming can be limited to less than two degrees Celsius.

“Protection and preservation of the climate and the environment know no national borders and pose a challenge to politicians and society alike. As a company that now operates in more than 75 countries worldwide, Schueco International KG has long been aware of its responsibility to sustainably achieve change by means of environment-friendly solutions. It has long been time to act. To save energy and to generate energy in environmentally friendly ways,” said Dirk. U. Hindrichs, President and CEO of Schueco International KG. “Already, our company mission Energy2 is setting the standards for tomorrow – and showing that climate protection and economic success need not be contradictory.”

What results will the Copenhagen conference produce? Can the industrial nations agree on binding aims regarding CO2 reduction? Can global warming be limited to two degrees Celsius? What is expected from industry, what can a trailblazer and pioneer like Schueco achieve right now? The answers lie in the company’s comprehensive know-how and innovative product portfolio. Schueco focuses on the building envelope, because there is enormous savings potential here. With the building envelope, for example, twice as much energy and CO2 can be saved as in road traffic. More than 30% of all energy is consumed by buildings.

The company is consistently working to make every kind of building as energy-efficient as possible. The objective of Schueco’s corporate mission “Energy2 – saving energy and generating energy” is to save energy with highly thermally-insulated windows and facades, whilst simultaneously generating energy with innovative solar systems. As a result, the complete provider and quality leader is already setting standards today for the sustainable building envelope of tomorrow. Schueco shows how technology, form, and function interrelate in the building of the future – with maximum security for residents, effective automation, and excellent design without making concessions to comfort. Schueco products and systems are setting technological standards.

Thanks to the thermal insulation and building automation of Schueco solutions, energy consumption is reduced considerably. With photovoltaics, solar thermal transfer, and heat-recovery technology, the facade is evolving into an autonomous power plant that generates electricity, warmth, and if required, cooling.

To be a decisive step ahead: That is Schueco International KG’s incentive and objective, especially when it comes to climate protection. In its research and development of new energy-efficient, sustainable and simultaneously aesthetically pleasing solutions for the facade of the future, Schueco has come up with a groundbreaking innovation, the Schueco 2° Concept. A world novelty, the concept fulfils all essential functions for improving the energy balance of a building coupled with modern design and sophisticated architecture. With the new concept, Schueco is making a contribution to limiting the average global temperature increase to two degrees Celsius. The advantage for climate protection: In combination, all of the system components use around 80% less energy for heating, cooling and air-conditioning than a 2009 German EnEV energy saving regulation reference project. A special feature is that the adapative building envelope concept adjusts to outer conditions, and with its layers reacts flexibly to changes, which for example occur in different seasons, as well as during the day or night.

With the Schueco 2° Concept, what is being discussed at great length in Copenhagen is already a reality today.

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