Em-Glaze skylights for Northampton University

Em-Glaze skylights for Northampton University

The Em-Glaze duo-pitched continuous rooflights from Whitesales have been chosen to increase the levels of daylight in the corridors and circulation areas of Northampton University. The difficulty was to do this, without ‘Heat-Gain’ to these thoroughfares, where often high volumes of students pass through every day. The skylight design needed to be aesthetically pleasing inside and out, as well as of a high quality and durable.

The Em-Glaze duo-pitched continuous rooflights were deemed as the perfect solution or the project. The skylight units are all double glazed, comprising 6mm solar control outer toughened, 18mm argon filled cavity and 6.4mm low E laminated inner. Installed with thermally enhanced aluminium glazing bars and flashing, they have a thermal transmission of 1.1W/m²k. They also boast a sound reduction rating of 34dB, a light transmission of 68% and a solar transmission of 37%.

The combination of solar control, high light transmission and low solar gain, therefore reduces the need for expensive cooling systems, whilst the design complies with the Building Regulation SBEM programme. The skylights have a 10 year guarantee and a life expectancy of 25 years and are also recyclable making them also environmentally friendly and reducing their impact to the environment.

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