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Em-Dome ECO rooflights from Whitesales

Em-Dome ECO rooflights from Whitesales

Increasing energy costs and stricter building regulations mean there’s never been a more important time to consider designing daylight into buildings. With this in mind, the experts at Whitesales have designed the Em-Dome ECO range of rooflights and upstands, which guarantee best-in-class thermal and light transmission performance. We are all under pressure to design and build more sustainable buildings, while keeping to tight budgets. The ECO range makes this easier, not only by being competitively priced and offering superior environmental performance in use, but its rapid installation keeps construction costs low and timescales short. Then there’s the money the client will save – or make – over time.

How rooflights save money, year in, year out
No matter where the sun is, rooflights fill even large spaces with natural light. The bigger the room, the more important the rooflight; natural light only reaches around 6 metres into a room through a window, while a rooflight allows three times as much natural light as the same sized window. There’s a huge cost saving to be had over electric lighting. Combine good light transmission with the thermal insulation performance of an Em-Dome ECO rooflight – which has U-Values as impressive as 0.90W/m2K – and you retain internal warmth too. With the Em-Dome ECO, solar gain can be exploited or controlled by choosing the right glazing. Natural ventilation can be incorporated to reduce dependence on expensive cooling systems. Smoke ventilation can be included to help save lives.

Can a rooflight improve financial performance?
There have been numerous reputable research projects undertaken around the world which show, time and time again, that maximising daylight has a quantifiable impact on people. Naturally lit shopping centres see large spikes in sales. Workplaces see productivity increase and staff morale and retention go up. Hospitals see patients recover faster and schools see greater academic and behavioural performance.

Buildings are better with daylight, because people are better with daylight. We are more able to concentrate and for longer, we feel more positive and happier, and the inevitable consequences are lifted productivity, efficiency and stamina.

See the light - go ECO. To order or get expert advice from the technical team call 01483 271371 or email [email protected], or find out more at

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