Em-Glaze Vertical Panels for Astley Cooper School

Em-Glaze Vertical Panels for Astley Cooper School

When Astley Cooper School in Hemel Hempstead needed to re-waterproof its roofs during the summer holidays, there were some big challenges. By using the Em-Glaze Vertical panel from Whitesales to oversleeve the existing glazing, the client was able to increase insulation levels to current regulations without removing any windows, thus saving significantly on cost.

The upstand and glazing were supplied direct to site with all vents factory-installed prior to delivery, resulting in a quick and simple installation. The polycarbonate is UV
protected, ensuring long-life performance.

Using the multi-walled polycarbonate Em-Glaze Vertical panels has ensured excellent thermal performance and light levels into classrooms. Eliminating the need to remove the old windows minimised internal disruption and saved time. There was no need to disturb the asbestos – saving costs, reducing installation time and minimising Health & Safety risks.

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