Emmanuel School, Nottingham

Emmanuel School, Nottingham

Type of works: installation of Tarkett flooring throughout school

Tarkett products feature third generation PUR treatments that contribute to some of the best life cycle costs on the market, significantly reducing consumption of water, energy and detergents for cleaning, and helping to cut maintenance costs by up to 30%. This was a major factor in the decision to install Tarkett flooring throughout the new Emmanuel School in Nottingham.

The £26m new-build school is arranged around 4 blocks and has been completed with over 6,000m2 of Tarkett products, including Acczent Compact wood-effect vinyl in the canteen; 1,800m2 of Safetred safety flooring in the science classrooms, kitchens, changing rooms and other wet areas; and 2,200m2 of Veneto xf linoleum throughout all the corridors and stairs.

Scott Myers, Managing Director of Pinnacle Flooring, who managed the installation, commented: “Completing the circular cloisters that link the three teaching blocks proved quite a challenge in setting out and cutting the linoleum flooring, but we have always found Tarkett products to be of high quality and easy to work with, together with good support from the Tarkett Sales Team, which proved of great benefit for this installation.”

Acczent Compact is a heterogeneous vinyl ideally suited to heavy-duty applications. It is tough enough to take a lifetime of use and still look new and attractive without heavy maintenance, needing no wax or polish for life. The surface reinforcement, TopClean XP, is what makes Acczent Compact so tough by resisting scratching and abrasion, reducing soiling and improving resistance to staining from markers, rubber and shoe soles.

For areas more prone to becoming slippery, such as the laboratories, kitchens, changing rooms and toilets, Tarkett’s Safetred range was chosen. Safetred Spectrum and Universal both have an R10 slip resistance rating resulting from the inclusion of silicon carbide, which ensures lasting slip resistance throughout the life of the floorcovering. Available in a range of colours for creating attractive finishes, the Safetred range also benefits from Tarkett’s Safety Clean PUR reinforcement, making it much easier to clean and maintain than traditional safety flooring.

For the high traffic corridors and stairs, Tarkett’s Veneto xf provided the perfect solution. As a natural, renewable material linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring option, while the xf surface treatment ensures it will withstand heavy daily use. The xf treatment creates an extremely tough surface that is resistant to abrasion, stains and chemicals. It needs no initial wax or polish and offers up to 30% saving on maintenance costs with a 50% saving on water, detergent and energy. Veneto xf is available in a palette of 44 shades to suit virtually any application.

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