Emmer Green School, Reading

Emmer Green School, Reading

Client: Emmer Green School
Type of works: Wallsorba panels installed in classrooms.

Teachers and children at Emmer Green School in Reading were experiencing high reverberation levels in their classrooms due to sound bouncing off the hard wall surfaces. The scraping of chairs on the hard floor was also contributing to stressful learning conditions. During the summer, the school decided to invest in installing Wallsorba acoustic wall panels on the walls of three of the classrooms.

The school wanted to use a tried-and-tested sound-absorbing system. A neutral Light Grey colour was chosen from the extensive range of colours in which the acoustic panels are available to blend in with the decor of the classrooms.

The school also wanted to attach notices on the acoustic panels and the Wallsorba acoustic wall panels are ideal for this type of use. After the Wallsorba acoustic wall panels had been installed, the staff commented on how quiet the classrooms had become, the hard echoing noise disappeared, and the appearance of the acoustic wall panels gave a softer, more comfortable feeling in the classrooms.

One teacher pointed out that classrooms were also warmer due to the panels also having good thermal insulation properties. At the same time as the Wallsorba acoustic wall panels installation, a contract carpet was fitted on the floor which eliminated the scraping sounds between the metal chair legs and the floor surface.

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