Energy efficiency and specification of patio and bi-folding doors

Energy efficiency and specification of patio and bi-folding doors

Majoring on Passive Haus standard performance and its new aluskin aluminium external cladding option, aluplast unveiled its new Lift-and-Slide door in the summer.

With U-values as low as 0.65 W/m2K and capable of achieving Passive Haus standards, aluplast’s new PVC-U Lift-and-Slide door, its new Lift-and-Slide door combines aluplast’s highly innovative aluskin external aluminium cladding-option, it makes for a compelling trade and retail proposition.

aluplast’s new Lift-and-Slide door is capable of spanning openings of 6.5m X 2.8m with just two sashes, and delivers impressive design flexibility and uninterrupted sightlines.

The aluplast Lift-and-Slide exploits proven technology. Sashes are mounted on an easy-lift mechanism that elevates when opened and lowers on to the track when closed. So, a fully closed door rests over lower weather seals improving the door’s weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation.

The moving sash can also be lowered on to any place on the track making for occasional ventilation. This makes this system ideal for enclosing large spaces and guaranteeing light transfer even on the gloomiest of days. Cocken points out that we had an above average number of these last June, as well as above average rainfall!
The modular 85mm PVC-U system comes in three configurations this includes a standard PVC-U door fabricated to ultra-energy efficient options, accommodating glazing units of up to 51mm. The performance of the standard door can be further enhanced with the addition of a thermally efficient upper guide rail and insulating foam inserts.

The aluplast Lift-and-Slide has also been designed to minimise stock holding and to deliver time savings during installation and through life, using a smart glazing system.

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