Energy Efficient Solar Shading

Energy Efficient Solar Shading

Sunbell has launched a unique range of integral blinds that combines Italian design, quality and engineering excellence for the ultimate in solar-shading solutions.

The need to save energy and the drive towards ‘carbon neutral’ homes and offices is providing the industry with a challenge to offer realistic solutions at minimal cost.

Replacing glazed units with the latest ‘energy efficient glass together with integral blinds can be a viable alternative to changing the whole window system.

The inclusion of blinds can make a positive contribution to improving the energy efficiency, light and acoustic properties of all buildings, providing comfort, elegance and style.

Blinds are a dynamic and versatile solution for light and energy control, they will help to create a comfortable environment with maximum privacy while reducing sound intrusion and the impact of solar glare minimising eye strain and damage to fabrics and carpets.

More importantly they will reduce air-conditioning and heating costs in all-types of buildings by providing greater insulation and light reflection than can achieved with more traditional alternatives.

Stylish solutions

Utilizing the latest control technology, Sunbell offers a choice of manual, battery, solar and mains electric solutions but critically no cords or magnets in a choice of stylish aluminum, pleated fabric and blackout options.

Designed for windows, doors and glass partitions from 100mm to 3m high and 250mm to 2.5m wide, Sunbell blinds are available in a choice of spacer widths from 22 to 27mm and suitable for all types of frame material including PVC, Timber and Aluminium.

The blinds are powered by a low-voltage motorised system with control technology that varies from the simple ‘up and down’ rechargeable battery unit with an optional solar panel and remote activation to more sophisticated ‘hard wired’ options for up to 12 blinds.

For partitions and internal screens, they offer a stylish range of innovative tilt only manual blinds operated by an easy to use rotating knob linked by a steel cable allowing complete privacy without the need for cords or magnets.

Deflecting Solar Glare

The build-up of heat from the Sun rays is often difficult to regulate particularly in large glazed areas such as in offices, conservatories, swimming pools, etc, or in sensitive areas such as computer and research laboratories, intensive care wards, school classrooms and other public areas.

Integral Blinds are virtually maintenance free, always looking new, they avoid any accumulation of dust or bacterial particles, and are not affected by moisture and protected from any potential damage or abuse.

Blinds will improve the acoustics by providing an effective sound barrier while at the same time ensuring privacy.

Reducing solar gain is perhaps the one major benefits of installing blinds, they create a barrier filtering and diffusing natural light and heat.

While the curvature of the slats removes the effects of bright sunlight, tilting and lifting allows for maximum light, shading or complete privacy.

South facing rooms are perhaps an ideal example where blinds can control the heat gain during the summer months and reduce heat loss during the winter thereby stabilizing the temperature of the room and improving its all year round functionality.

The degree to which blinds block, absorb and transmit light and heat depends critically upon the colour and type of material chosen and their effect on heat gain, brightness and glare.

Light colours are more reflective which result in a lower heat gain, but with a higher percentage of solar transmission.

Dark colours absorb light and heat, are less energy efficient than lighter colours but provide an excellent glare-free environment.

Cheapest not always the best

There is a choice of different blind solutions available in the UK but essentially all provide the same outcome.

What distinguish them is quality, reliability, method of operation, choice of colours and above all technical support.

Buying the cheapest is not always the best outcome, buying the most appropriate to suit the customer’s needs and the system ensures long term customer satisfaction.

Interstitial blinds are a stylish, flexible and energy efficient response to managing a building’s environment, sealed from dirt, dust and moisture, blinds can help to reduce the effect of direct sunlight and heat loss, offering protection from overheating in the summer and enhanced thermal insulation in the winter.

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