Enhance Retail Accessibility with Platform Lift Solutions

Enhance Retail Accessibility with Platform Lift Solutions

Platform lifts have become indispensable in the retail landscape, offering a versatile solution to enhance accessibility and optimise space utilisation. In retail environments, where every inch matters, platform lifts provide a compact yet effective means of traversing different levels. From enabling customers to access multiple floors effortlessly to seamlessly integrating with existing architectural aesthetics, platform lifts have become an integral part of creating inclusive and user-friendly retail spaces.

Vertical Platform Lifts: Maximising Space and Accessibility
Vertical platform lifts offer a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to traditional ramps, making them an ideal choice for retail spaces with multiple levels or split floors. Among their standout options is the Motala 2000, renowned for its compact footprint, quiet operation, and minimal maintenance requirements. Part M compliant and equipped with a twin guided chain drive system, the Motala 2000 ensures both reliability and style without compromising valuable selling space. Plus, its fully glazed design on all sides introduces light and openness to even the smallest of retail environments.

Low-Rise Platform Lifts: Seamless Integration and Accessibility
For distances of up to 3 metres, their Italian-designed open-style wheelchair lift offers a sleek and timeless solution that effortlessly blends into retail environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, this Part M compliant lift overcomes architectural barriers with elegance and efficiency, ensuring accessibility without sacrificing aesthetics.

For shorter distances of up to 1.25 metres, their EasyLift and FlexStep options provide versatile and space-saving solutions. EasyLift, recognised for its simplicity and elegance, seamlessly integrates into retail spaces with minimal building work, while FlexStep offers a 2-in-1 solution that combines stairs and a wheelchair lift, perfect for smaller retail units seeking compliance with accessibility regulations.

Hidden Wheelchair Access Lifts: Unobtrusive Accessibility
Their HDN solution is designed to address subtle floor height differences or steps that may impede wheelchair access. Completely concealed within the floor when not in use, the HDN lift remains flush with the existing flooring, making it an ideal choice for shop entrances where space is limited.

Bespoke Design: Tailored Solutions for Every Retail Environment
With their platform lift products, customisation is key. From colours and finishes to glazing options and ambient lighting, they offer bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with your retail interior design scheme. Whether you prefer a cabin platform

For more information and detailed product brochures for their comprehensive range of platform lift solutions, please get in touch:

Email: sales@platformliftco.co.uk
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The Platform Lift Company

The Platform Lift Company is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers and installers of platform lifts for disability access. They design, build and install platform lifts for both public and private sectors.

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