Enhancing hygiene with built-in antibacterial protection from Contour Showers

Enhancing hygiene with built-in antibacterial protection from Contour Showers

However hard we try, there’s no getting away from bacteria. Some are good for us, others are neutral, but a few are harmful. So it makes sense to do what we can to prevent their potentially undesirable effects.

Microban® built-in antibacterial protection is a key factor to tackling bacteria and the risks of cross-contamination in the home, within care facilities and also hospitals where the same facilities are used a number of times a day. For this reason Microban antibacterial protection is built into Contour Showers level and easy access shower trays at the point of manufacture to prevent the growth of germs and microbes for the useful life of the product.

Contour easy access shower trays have been independently tested for quality by Industrial Microbiological Services to provide protection against E-coli, Aspergillus Niger (black mould), Staphlococcus and MRSA.

Bacteria and black mould thrive in damp, humid conditions like bathrooms and shower rooms. In these conditions bacteria can double every 20 minutes. In half a day, 1 bacterium can become 1 million.

Microban protection is designed to support a regular cleaning routine by working continuously to keep harmful bacteria and mould at bay. Given the shared nature of shower trays within healthcare facilities Microban antibacterial technology supports infection control by minimsing the risk of cross-contamination.

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