Envatech Qbox modular office cubicles

Envatech Qbox modular office cubicles

Lord Lionel has introduced QBox workspace, the new collection designed by nuklee which offers different solutions in order to configure workspaces.

Conceived as a partition system, but different from the usual types, each Qbox is a small piece of architecture specified as a single product, giving an autonomous space with the possibility of being configured according to the needs of each project. QBox born from a cube concept, that independently of the environment provides all the necessary elements to structure the contemporary office

There are 9 standard models to select for various size offices and meeting rooms and it offers the freedom to choose between the different materials, finishes, colors and accessories from the collection. Depending on the acoustic requirements Glass or blank doors can be selected. The different models of the collection provide closed points in installations where the predominant trend is to work in large open spaces.

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