Envirotect launches RF shielding for MRI scanners

Envirotect launches RF shielding for MRI scanners

RF Shielding is required to block out specific radio waves from outside the scanner room because these will distort the images created by the MRI Scanner. This is achieved by forming an electrically sealed 6 sided box, i.e. floor, ceiling, walls, control window, entrance door as well as service penetrations.

This differs from radiation shielding where the lead shielding is to prevent the radiation leaking from the scanner room and exposing staff, patients and the public to its harmful effects.

The RF Shielding system provides RF attenuation levels > 100dB up to MRI frequencies of 400MHz. Generally MRI systems range from 0.2 Tesla to 3.0 Tesla, however there are research magnets that have much higher field strengths.

Sometimes Magnet Interference Shielding is required (depending on site design) to minimise the spread of the 5 gauss (0.5T) field using material such as Silicon Steel (Stabolec) or Armco Steel (Low carbon plate).

Envirotect RF shielding system is made of pure electrically deposited copper foil fixed to a modular laminated veneer timber frame to ensure stability. the company manufactures standard height and width panels and will design the room to fit the customer’s site requirements to eliminate the need to modify on site, thus reducing the installation period and freeing the site quickly for following trades.

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