Erskine Garden Centre, south west Scotland

Erskine Garden Centre, south west Scotland

Client: Erskine Garden Centre
Architect: Archial Group
Type of works: Supply and installation of Marley's fibre-cement Profile 6 sheeting.

Profiled sheeting was specified by world-renowned architectural practice Archial Group, who liked the products aesthetics, performance and cost.

Black Profile 6 sheets were selected because they matched the appearance of nearby buildings in this rural area of south west Scotland. The Black sheets also created a striking contrast to the cladding used around the entrance area.

Marley’s Profile 6 sheets were installed on the north and south gable walls, along with the main entrance foyer. Insulation was fitted behind the profiled sheeting to help the structure meet Scottish Building Regulation requirements.

The walls were constructed by fixing the profiled sheets to horizontal cladding rails with 200mm stone wool insulation between the rails. Internally, 12.5mm plasterboard on 12mm WBP ply on vapour barrier was specified. The u-value achieved was 0.27W/m2.

Fibre-cement profiled sheeting from Marley is vapour permeable, yet completely waterproof. That means if any moisture from inside the building, which will be created by evaporation from frequent watering of plants, does penetrate the Vapour Control Layer under the insulation, Profile 6 will allow it to diffuse to the outside, limiting the amount of condensation within the wall structure.

Small quantities of water vapour passing through the membrane and insulation system will condense on the cold underside of the sheeting system. In time, if condensation is not addressed, it can cause rotting of timber or corrosion of metal components.

The vapour permeability of Profile 6 reduces this condensation by allowing it to escape to the outside. Condensation creates an issue with some air-tight and fully interlocking cladding systems, such as steel sheets, as it prevents the diffusion of this water vapour.

Marley’s Profile 6 sheets can offer a 50-year life expectancy in certain applications and are low maintenance, meaning that once installed, clients have the peace of mind that the material will perform consistently over a long period of time.

“We specified Profile 6 because we liked the aesthetics and felt it was appropriate to the rural setting,” said Christopher Cockburn, architect at Archial Group. “When this was combined with its excellent weather performance, cost effectiveness and ability to cope with the humid environment within the building it proved to be the ideal solution – there are very few materials that can offer all these benefits.”

Marley’s Profile 6 sheeting is Class ‘0’ fire rated and possesses excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

UK-manufactured fibre-cement profiled sheeting can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating for UK produced profiled air-cured fibre-cement sheeting (outer skin) - (Element Ref: 1012550002).

Marley is the only UK-based manufacturer of fibre-cement sheeting, providing customers with a reduced carbon footprint compared to overseas manufactured products.

For more information on fibre-cement profiled sheeting from Marley, call: (01283) 722588, or email:

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