Everything you need to know about warehouse lifts

Everything you need to know about warehouse lifts

With online shopping on the rise, more companies are looking at different ways to store and move goods more efficiently. This blog by Stannah explores selecting the best warehouse goods lift solution to optimise the movement of goods in your warehouse.

Whether that’s needing a bigger warehouse, needing a lift to an additional floor, or changing existing lifting processes as they no longer meet material handling requirements, a lift company like Stannah can help with the right vertical warehouse lifting equipment.

1 Factors to consider for a warehouse elevator lift

Whether you are looking to maximise efficiency, improve the use of space or save time, many factors influence the features to look for in a warehouse lift platform. As a first step, think about:

• The number of floors/levels and if there are any space constraints within the warehouse to determine the travel, floor size, pit depth or ramp, or the headroom you need
• The type of goods being handled. The size and weight of the goods of each load will dictate the load capacity and car size you require. As does how you transport goods in and around the warehouse. If you are moving goods using pallets, trucks, trolleys, crates, bins and roll cages, this may also dictate your warehouse cargo lift
• Whether you will be loading the lift at floor level or waist height and if an attendant might be required to accompany the goods in the lift

The different options are explained in the next section. Technical information is available for download in Stannah’s technical area.

2 The choice and types of applications

Lifts and other handling equipment are designed to make the most of warehouse space.

They offer an efficient and safer vertical lifting solution for moving pallets from a loading bay or up to a storage area on a mezzanine floor. They can be categorised as follows (from light-duty to heavy-duty)

3 The benefits of a warehouse lift

Meet health & safety regulations

Introducing a warehouse lift protects your workforce from the risk of injury through incorrect manual handling. When loads can be easily transferred by a single person, without needing manual lifting or carrying heavy loads up and down stairs or ladders, you take away the risk of slips, trips and falls from height. It is always worth involving your healthy & safety representative when considering possible solutions.

Increase usable space

Businesses are looking to fully utilise their warehouse space, so they will benefit from an efficient and space-saving vertical lift solution. Goods lifts can address many warehouse and stock room environments with models to address low headroom and reduced pit requirements.

Save time

Manually moving heavy objects can take a long time. A lift can help move goods between floors in a matter of minutes, helping a warehouse struggling to accommodate a vast increase in customer orders.

Trust in long-standing experts to help with your warehouse lift requirements

As industry experts, Stannah supplies, installs and maintains a comprehensive range of goods lifts for the UK. Versatile, robust, quick and simple to install, Stannah’s Microlift entered the market in 1973, and their goods lift in 1998. That’s a track record you can count on, supported by their 24/7, year-round maintenance service and emergency cover courtesy of their local Stannah service branches.

Want to know more about installing a lift for the movement of goods and available space in your warehouse? Contact Stannah!They can give budget prices and arrange a free site assessment visit.

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