Exterior drainage for Albion Riverside

Exterior drainage for Albion Riverside

Specified for all the exterior drainage for Albion Riverside, Component Developments produced stainless steel open channel drains and discreet slot drains, which were installed around the perimeter of the iconic London building alongside the River Thames.

The exterior drainage channels were required to follow the curve of the building and therefore each channel and grating had to be individually mitred with precision to ensure a seamless fit.

Slot drains were required to be hidden below the paving slabs. This was achieved by lining the ultra thin (10mm wide) slot drains up against the grout line in the paving slabs and being sure to leave those areas grout free.

To enable easy access, recessed stainless steel boxes where built around the slot drain in appropriate places. These aloud paving slabs to sit inside them, which then fell flush with the floor level. Lifting keys made access discreet and easy.

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