Facade 125 - Retrofit with Contemporary Style

Facade 125 - Retrofit with Contemporary Style

External shading should now be included in all new builds, but that is less than 2% of the building stock. Most energy losses are from older buildings designed when supplies of energy from the north sea were plentiful.

Upgrading air-conditioning plants during a refurbishment is essential to minimise energy consumption. Facade 125 significantly cuts the peak load to maximise energy savings.

Fitting energy-efficient shading to a building that was not designed for it can be a challenge, but Hallmark Blinds comes through!

Facade 125 rollscreen shading is perfect for retrofitting as the special brackets can be positioned above and below the window openings. The stainless-steel mounting cables can be extended to be a continuous feature down the facade and with the round profile the cassette can appear to be part of the original concept.

External roller blinds are one of the most efficient forms of solar control. Systems can be designed to ensure that less than 10% of the solar gain will be transmitted through the glass, significantly reducing the air-conditioning load.

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