Famous Department Store, London

Famous Department Store, London

Architect: Woods Hardwick Architects
Contractor: Bell Projects
Sub-contractor: Albany Brent
Type of works: refurbishment of a 950sqm roof, using FDT's Rhepanol fk membranes and Rhepanol walkway tiles supplied by SIG Design & Technology.

Speed, reliability and safety were paramount when one of London’s most prestigious department stores commissioned the £5million construction of an additional storey to accommodate a new office suite.

The contract involved Albany Brent roofing contractors removing the vast array of plant from the original flat roof and reconfiguring it on a new horseshoe-shaped flat roof area.

Disrupting business and inconveniencing the store’s thousands of shoppers was out of the question - any noisy works had to be undertaken overnight. So, when it came to installing the new 950 sqm flat roof, the answer lay in finding a single-ply roofing membrane that could be installed without hot works. Butm with a large amount of densely-packed rooftop plant to accommodate, it was also essential that no corner of the roofscape could risk being susceptible to water ingress.

SIG Design & Technology won the contract to supply FDT’s Rhepanol fk single-ply membrane for the prestigious contract through Sunny Lotay (Business Development Manager) and Paul Mancz, (Branch Manager) at Asphaltic Roofing Supplies Kentish Town.

Along with a proven track and unmatched environmental credentials, the membrane could be attached to the metal deck and new steel purlings with adhesive, eliminating any risks associated with hot works. The walkways tiles were then fixed in place to provide continued ease of access to the rooftop plant.

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