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Fastlane is the ecological choice for Manchester Co-Op

Fastlane is the ecological choice for Manchester Co-Op

Fastlane Glasswing units secure Co-operative’s iconic flagship office building in Manchester, easily recognisable in the cityscape. The system improves the foot flow of the busy headquarters while vastly improving the user experience.

The stylish elliptical shaped pedestals of the Fastlane Glasswing mirrored the unique shape of the building. The optical detection technology combined with the fast-moving glass wings offered the level of security and fast throughput that was required without compromising on the looks.”

The turnstiles were customised to integrate seamlessly with Kone’s elevator destination control displays before installation.

The Fastlane range has an unusually low environmental impact with each pedestal consuming only 50 Watts of power during throughput and 12 Watts in standby. Furthermore, IDL is a British manufacturer with a small carbon footprint, choosing to use local material suppliers wherever possible for quality control as well as to minimise environmental impact. This all fits very well with The Co-operative’s commitment to making absolute reductions in their emissions.

The Fastlane system uses state-of-the-art optical technology to monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a building, with quiet but fast-acting glass wings to physically deter unauthorised access.

The advanced detection system minimises nuisance false alarms from objects such as bags and umbrellas, while effectively detecting an unauthorised person following as close as 5mm behind an authorised person (‘tailgating’). The glass wings have a typical closing time of half a second.

This, combined with its multiple safety beams, allows the system to safely close on tailgaters, with the wings being prevented from closing if they detect someone is in the way of them.

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