Five types of bollards and their uses

Five types of bollards and their uses

Bollards are a simple yet effective way of protecting people and property.

They are extremely versatile and clearly mark boundaries as well as warn of danger.

Originally developed for the mooring of boats, bollards now serve a variety of functions and have evolved dramatically in style and design.

As a manufacturer and supplier of one of the largest ranges of bollards on the UK street furniture market, Broxap can provide barriers, posts, rails and bollards to suit any application.

They take a look at some of the most popular types of bollards and their uses.

1. Heavy duty bollards
Ideal for site security, and protecting buildings from damage, their steel heavy duty range has a high tensile strength.

Hot dip galvanising ensures rust-free longevity with powder coating available in a range of RAL/BS colours.

Heavy duty bollards are especially effective for highlighting potential hazards, such as loading bays, demarcating car parking spaces, or for providing a barrier between traffic and pedestrians.

The range includes mild streel utility bollards in a range of sizes and finishes as well as round and square shapes.

Their customise service allows clients to select a choice of fixing and reflective band.

2. Decorative bollards
Bollards can help to reflect an area’s brand or identity as well as serving as a visual guide and deterrent.

The cast iron bollards are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. But behind those good looks is a sturdiness that bears the unique cast iron guarantee for a lifetime in excess of 100 years.
All cast iron bollards can be cast in either grade 250, for compressive strength, or grade 450-10 ductile iron for greater impact resistance.

They can include decorative highlighting, the addition of crests or badges, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The cast iron range also includes the Kerbside Protector, Tow Path Bollard and Spherical Bollard.

Stainless steel bollards and timber bollards are also chosen for their decorative appeal, often used in workplace or retail settings to prevent vehicles mounting pedestrian areas and verges.

3. Illuminated bollards
As an added security feature, bollards can include lighting. This serves to illuminate walkways and landscapes and maintain the function of the bollard 24 hours a day.

It can act as a psychological deterrent to criminal activity as well as help to reduce incidents and accidents by enhancing visibility.

With an illuminated bollard, clients can be sure that the fixtures and components are suitable for outdoor use. They can enhance the appearance of a location and complement the surroundings.

As well as a security and aesthetic use, illuminated bollards are highly effective in car parks or pathways.

If an illuminated bollard is not needed for 24-hour visibility, a reflective bollard may be useful.

Reflective bands can be added to the bollards across their range in a variety of configurations.

4. Operable bollards
A number of their bollards are manually operable to give flexibility and control over access.

When in place our operable bollards provide the same visual deterrent or guide as a fixed bollard.

But their ease of use supports temporary traffic management as well as versatile site configuration.

Their use is often seen in public areas and plazas where events and activities take place.

Small private car parks may also benefit from operable bollards to ensure site restriction or they can be used for privacy such as on driveways.

The removable bollards are simply locked in place and come in light, medium and heavy duty formats.

The telescopic posts are fitted with an innovative lift-assist mechanism to reduce the weight of the bollard as it is lifted and lowered.

Where shallow excavation depths are needed, Broxap also provide a Countersunk Parking Post which allows the bollard to be folded into an enclosed countersunk socket where the lid is flush to the surface.

They also offer fold down posts in both stainless steel or mild steel which are ideal for access control and car park spaces.

5. Multi-functional bollards
The Duracast Polyurethane (PU) bollards serve a wide variety of uses with dozens of style options available.

Thanks to low maintenance and weather resistance properties, PU bollards are suitable for all locations particularly coastlines and waterside sites.

With high impact resistance, they are perfect for boundary marking and are available in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes.

They can be found in the street, outside schools, in car parks, harbour-side and on verges. They can be used to improve aesthetics, or to control access.

Some of Broxap's bollards can be converted to link sections of rail, chain or galvanised steel panels.

To discuss the right bollard for use and location, contact their Streetscene teams today.

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