Flood resilient garage doors used on the Michael Baker Boathouse

Flood resilient garage doors used on the Michael Baker Boathouse

Flood resilient garage doors from Rundum Meir are designed to cope comfortably with regular flood events, helping building owners and architects to upgrade their buildings in water-side locations to help them become more endurable to harsh weather conditions.

The amount of rainfall and extreme weather is only going to increase as the UK climate changes, and so the need to adopt a ‘flood resilience’ mindset for buildings in flood-prone areas has never been more pressing.

It is an approach that means rethinking every aspect of a building’s design to ensure it is not severely damaged in the event of a flood and able to recover quickly afterwards without great financial loss. This includes the design of the garage or ground level storage spaces, which are often the worst affected parts of a property during floods. Watertight, flood resistant garage doors that are designed to prevent water ingress can be extremely useful, but flood resilient doors will often provide a better solution.

Take boathouses, for example, which are home to rowing clubs across the country. Because of the obvious need for easy access to the water, their close proximity makes them particularly vulnerable when the river level rises and trying to make them flood-proof is a constant and financially expensive battle. For this reason, the Michael Baker Boathouse of The King’s School in Worcester on the River Severn was designed to sit comfortably with lower levels designed to flood, which is why it incorporates a large flood resilient door by Rundum Meir

Its custom-made Rundum Original side sliding door sits below a boat shaped cantilevered prow that points towards the River Severn – one of the defining features of this RIBA award-winning building designed by Associated Architects. Providing a clear opening of 3.8 m wide x 3 m tall and manufactured from industrial strength extruded aluminium laths, the door provides easy access to the boathouse at the water level.

When the river tops its banks after heavy rainfall upstream, floodwater enters the boat store through the door, rather than trying to keep it out. When the level recedes, the boat house can dry out and return to use quickly, with the German-engineered Rundum Original sliding door operating normally once again as if the flood never happened.

Danesch Missaghian, owner manager at Rundum Meir (UK) said: "The Michael Baker Boathouse project typifies outstanding flood resilient design and demonstrates how a Rundum Meir garage door can provide a dependable long-term access solution. Every door is designed specifically for the project, so we can ensure the materials and operating mechanism are able to withstand the demands of regular exposure to floodwater.

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