Flow Into Desso’s New Carpet Tile Design

Flow Into Desso’s New Carpet Tile Design

The latest addition to Desso’s array of carpet tiles is its new Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified product Flow. This dynamic carpet tile design forms part of Desso’s stunning Carpetecture® Colour Dimensions II collection.

Flow is the first product in the Desso collection to have EcoBase® as a standard backing, meaning that it automatically receives Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certification as standard.

Under Cradle to Cradle® guidance, Flow has been designed specifically with disassembly and recycling in mind. Using Desso’s pioneering Refinity® technique, the yarn and other fibres can be separated from the backing and both material streams can then be recycled. The yarn will be returned to the yarn manufacturers where it can be converted back to the basic material for the production of new yarn and the EcoBase® backing is fully recyclable within Desso’s own production process.

Organic patterns of dried earth and cracked porcelain provide the inspiration behind Flow and are embodied in the rich high-low, irregular structure. Its endless, naturally flowing design, in contrasting matt and shiny yarns, gives this product an almost three dimensional appearance and rich vibrancy.

Flow is available in 16 colours, ranging from greys and blues, to contemporary neutrals as well as stronger shades for playful combinations to create zonal areas or accent features. This luxurious product has a non-directional appearance with infinite design possibilities, making it a versatile choice for any commercial interior.

European carpet manufacturer Desso’s Carpetecture® approach looks at the changes in architecture, in how people think about space, atmosphere, colours and materials. The Carpetecture® Colour Dimensions II collection is at the forefront of contemporary fashion, with a range of patterned and plain carpets in a host of hues, celebrating colour’s ability to define and describe space. These colour breakthroughs from Desso enable you to create an identity for each area within a building and can have a positive effect on how people respond to their environment.

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