Free software CD shows full value of efficient ventilation

Free software CD shows full value of efficient ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new CD for its range of mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems which includes special calculation software showing how to use the technology to reduce the heating or cooling load within a room and how quick the technology’s payback period will be when compared to the running costs of a conventional ventilator.

The Lossnay range of mechanical heat recovery ventilation units offers a special paper core that captures heat from outgoing air, to pre-heat fresh, incoming air and reduce energy consumption, whilst providing a fresh and comfortable indoor environment with less static.

“Commercial buildings face increasing demands for energy conservation yet at the same time, anyone in the building rightly expects the highest standards of air quality,” explains Debbie Reeve, marketing manager for the company’s range of air conditioning products.

“This CD provides details on the complete range of Lossnay models in an easy to access format that will help consultants and contractors deliver both fresher indoor environments and the best levels of energy efficiency possible.”

With stricter building regulations, modern buildings have become more air tight yet basic ventilation systems mean that all of the energy spent heating or cooling an interior is lost when fresh air from the outside is introduced. This is very inefficient as more energy has to be used to bring the incoming air to the desired internal temperature.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay units extract up to 70 per cent of the energy from the outgoing air which means the incoming fresh air needs much less energy to make it match the room temperature.

The self-loading CD leads users through the calculation software screen-by-screen and provides examples of how Lossnay can make a difference to a building’s energy use. Indoor and outdoor conditions can be altered, along with anticipated usage of the system, with the software automatically calculating the energy recovered in both heating and cooling modes.

“We have designed the CD to be a really useful tool for anyone tackling indoor air quality but there is so much more on it than just the calculation software,” adds Reeve. “It also includes full CAD files and technical specification for each product, UK temperature data, sound levels and certification on our unique high efficiency filter.”

To obtain a copy of the CD of for further details on the Lossnay range, send an email to, call 01707 282880 or visit the Mitsubishi Electric website

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