Garage Doors: The key to kerb appeal

Garage Doors: The key to kerb appeal

It may seem like a relatively minor aspect of a property's design, but with the potential to significantly enhance kerb appeal, the humble garage door should be carefully considered. Whether viewed as a finishing touch or fundamental to the design of the garage, it's important to specify a door that will meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of a building. Alex McKay, domestic engineer at garage door manufacturer for the company , offers his advice on what to look out for.

As with any building product, it's important to consider the requirements of a garage door and the design elements around it. What shape is the opening? How much room will the door have to open? Is the garage integral to the property? Are there any specific security or insulation requirements? Are you trying to create a unique look or style? With this in mind, it's worth taking the time to review the options.

Up-and-over doors offer one of the best options for truly bespoke garage doors. Available in two styles, canopy - where the door lifts up and out, leaving around a third sticking out as a canopy. Roller doors are a particularly popular option in the UK. Requiring no ceiling space and opening upwards, the door rolls up around a central drum, hence the name. For a style statement or if headroom is limited, side sliding doors are ideal. They recess into tracks along the garage wall, offering a good alternative to the traditional sectional style.

With a huge selection of garage doors on the market, it's important to be able to differentiate between the different styles and designs. A high-quality door that has been carefully selected will not only add to a property's appeal but also stand the test of time.

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