Glasdon launch Nexus® Style premium finish recycling bin

Glasdon launch Nexus® Style premium finish recycling bin

Glasdon have recently launched their brand new Nexus® Style, a premium finish recycling bin that can be customised with a striking vinyl wrap to suit your office or commercial environment.

Ideal for new and modern styled developments, the Nexus Style combines a contemporary design with functionality and strength for a long service life and minimal ongoing maintenance.

A Vandalex® door with an anodised and polished graphite finish, contrasts with an Armortec® coated dark metallic grey steel frame for an attractive, modern appearance.

Custom designed vinyl wraps can be specified on the door and body of the Nexus Style to complement all interior décor and create a truly personalised finish.

The wrap finish seamlessly blends to the recycling bin with its surroundings for a sleek modern look, alternatively, the bins can also be personalised with a logo/branding.

The Armortec® coated steel is vandal, corrosion and weather resistant, with the Vandalex® material ensuring the panels of the bin are strong and durable. Both the body and door are 100% recyclable after their usable life, making the Nexus Style an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution.

Available as an 85 litre and 170 litre model and with the choice to have as a duo, trio or quad recycling container for the collection of multiple waste streams, the Nexus Style bins feature an open top with optional recycling apertures available to suit all requirements.

Standard recycling graphics sets are also available to help identify the intended use, ensuring minimal risk of cross contamination.

Neil Gilkes, Sales Manager for Glasdon UK Limited said: "Our research has highlighted a demand for premium finish, internal recycling bins which are customisable. The Nexus Style has been designed to meet that brief entirely.

Glasdon customers can now not only configure the waste streams according to their needs, but they can also style the exterior of the container to complement the design of their office or commercial environment perfectly."

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