Glazing Solutions Company launch new showroom to challenge the UK glazing market.

Glazing Solutions Company launch new showroom to challenge the UK glazing market.

Until now double glazing companies have usually manufactured cheaply and then sold their product at high cost, direct to the consumer, offering little customer choice and high profit margin for the glazing company.

Frames Direct however has been a closely guarded secret amongst its customers for several years. Frames Direct sales have usually been by word of mouth and repeat orders from existing happy customers who have enjoyed choice, service and price.

Nevertheless, Frames Direct have been steadily building their business and after carefully researching the market and being staggered by the public response it received in a series of exhibitions (most notably the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs) is now set to open up the UK glazing market for the consumer.

Tony Mclauglin a director states “Although we knew the vast range of products we carry were fantastic along with our service and price, we didn’t really know how good we were. After the response we have had from the general public this year we decided the secret that our customers guard should be open for all”. Tony added “we have now set in place all the necessaries to allow a large scale operation and have structured a series of showrooms to open, the first being the Frames Direct Ruislip Showroom on 21st February 2009”.

What makes us different from others? M.D Paul Barrett answers “the public have had enough of old style double glazing companies, where there is little choice, unscrupulous sales tactics, shabby service and poor after sales. We offer the general public a glazing solutions company. For example what colour range is usually on offer to the UK consumer for frames? It’s usually very limited white, brown, or a timber colour perhaps. On our bi-folding door system alone we offer the RAL colour range of over several hundred colours, wood grain finishes, metal finishes including a stainless steel, we even have a marine grade finish for coastal properties. The public in the UK are unaware of the amazing quality products that are available we intend to let them have them at a reasonable price without the usual tricks and gimmicks of others”.

Paul added “We are a people focused organisation and have built our business on the belief that the public deserve a better deal. We offer the consumer the widest of choices that are selected for quality, variety of range, value and state of the art merits. We incorporate in our price free design, advice, survey, installation, and after care, taking the customer though every stage providing our customers with the best service around, we believe we are the best pound for pound Glazing Solutions Company in the UK”.

Frames Direct are not manufactures and so can utilise the vast market not only within the UK but worldwide. They are flexible specialists that give the customer the choice of a vast range of glazing products in thousands of variations.

Frames Direct offer an impressive portfolio of glazing solutions which include Double, Treble and even Quadruple glazing, products in timber, uPVC, aluminium, stainless steel. Styles that include classic, contemporary and state of the art.

Frames Direct specialist team source their products carefully looking for quality, choice of range, price and are always looking to better their existing ranges with new developments and so are at the forefront of being able to provide cutting edge glazing systems.

Mark Antrobus of FD states “our product lines are not only UK produced, we are out their looking to find the best quality, choice and value to pass on to the client and my travels to locate products are often of a global nature”.

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