Global brand Velux windows chooses Progeny

Global brand Velux windows chooses Progeny

Client: Velux
Type of works: installed P3 online system.

Velux is a global company, founded more than sixty years ago by Villum Kann Rasmussen, on a vision of daylight, fresh air and quality of life. Today these benefits are enjoyed by millions of homes around the world where Velux products have been installed.

One of the company’s manufacturing arms, Fife Joinery Ltd, located in Glenrothes in Scotland, required an access control system that could provide security and manage access.

Pointer who specialise in access control, were appointed to provide and install a system capable of meeting the needs of the company. The project involved controlling access across 9 buildings on the site which are used on a daily basis by 250 users. The doors to be controlled included the main entrance doors, doors throughout each building and access to the server room. One of the main problems which had to be solved was how to link and control all doors to the main office block without the need for cabling and civil work between buildings.

Progeny’s class leading P3 online system – – was the ideal solution.

As well as being extremely reliable, user friendly and easy to install P3 online also has many superior technical advantages over other more conventional systems. Features include 3 methods of connectivity - USB to a server computer; LAN/WAN making use of an existing data network; and GPRS for difficult to reach applications. The P3 access controller is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be programmed to function stand- alone and from a PC and allows small systems to grow, from one door to 65,000 doors.

As the company already had an existing computer network in place across the site it was relatively straightforward to utilise the same network. A network point was fitted at the location of each door controller location and all the buildings were ‘connected‘ together over the network and managed from one central location.

The latest version of Doors software, version 7 is in use and the company has full control of access of all doors across the site. As the reporting software is extremely flexible it has allowed the company to create various levels of access where certain doors can only be accessed by certain personnel. The company makes use of the software’s capability to print names and photographs on the access cards so they can also be used as identification badges. The latest version of Doors has a range of new features which are proving to be extremely useful and include Time sheet, Zoned Anti-Pass-Back, Graphical Floor plans, new wizards and a new simplified interface. The software is also being used to print images and names onto the access cards so that they are able to be used as ID badges.

Commenting on the success of the system, Lynda Collins from the company’s Administration Department said installing the system has been a great success. Because our factory is so large, it had to be simple, yet practical for our needs and it certainly has delivered these requirements. The installation and training processes were relatively straight forward and we certainly couldn’t have hoped for a better installation team. Monitoring everyone’s whereabouts and using the system for our fire roll calls couldn’t be made simpler and also having the printing machine on my desk makes for quick and easy access / ID cards to be printed on site and efficiently instead of going through a third party.

All in all, this has been a great investment to Fife Joinery.

Ian Bend, Progeny’s technical director said ‘ is an ideal solution where a client has a Local Area Network in operation and by making use of this additional wiring and civil work can almost be eliminated. Each controller uses the UDP/IP protocol with very little bandwidth and was the ideal solution for Velux, particularly when access needed to be controlled on several buildings across the site.’

In addition all controllers are interfaced with the fire alarm systems so in the event of a fire the doors are fail safe. Integration with other systems offers a far more uniform approach to access and provides reassurance to the premises management that all eventualities have been catered for.

One of the other very important benefits of choosing Progeny access control is the after-sales service and technical support on offer. The Progeny website contains an extensive resource of technical help ranging from data sheets, technical papers, and online technical help and support. In addition the company also have a team of office based experts and engineers who can provide guidance and site visits when necessary.

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