Going green with sustainable paints - what are your options?

Going green with sustainable paints - what are your options?

There’s a trend emerging for decorating projects. More and more customers are asking for sustainable paints - and we don’t mean a colour scheme based around Enchanted Eden, Fresh Sage and Spring Meadow.

Sustainability is a huge concern for many customers, and they want to know that you’re always choosing the greenest paints around - even when those paints are white, yellow or blue. They want you to use products that won’t harm the environment, and that will help them create sustainable, environmentally friendly homes, offices and work spaces.

That’s why more and more decorators are choosing the “green” paints offered at Dulux Decorator Centre from the Dulux Trade Airsure, Evolve and Water-borne trim paints.

Dulux Trade Airsure - for better indoor air quality

Going green starts with reducing emissions. For many products, that means reducing the CO2 pumped into the atmosphere during the manufacture and transport of the product, but for paints things can be a little bit more complex.

Many formulations contain solvents, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As the paint dries, these VOCs are released, contributing to indoor air pollution.

Airsure is designed to reduce that pollution. Formulated to be 99.9% VOC free* Airsure Diamond Matt and Vinyl Matt are sustainable paints that also have a minimal impact on indoor air quality** - ticking lots of boxes for environment and health conscious customers.

Learn more about Airsure.

Dulux Trade Evolve Matt - for lowering your environmental footprint

One of the easiest ways to make your business more sustainable as a decorator is to reuse items time and time again. That’s easy for ladders and brushes, but surely you can’t re-use old paint? After all, once that tin is open, the clock is ticking.

It might be a challenge to re-use your paint, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of others’ left over materials. Dulux Trade Evolve Matt is a professional quality, high opacity emulsion that’s made with 35% recycled and re-engineered old waste paint. So every tin you use prevents a fair amount of paint from heading to the landfill.

Great for demonstrating your green credentials and for providing a superb finish, you can find Dulux Trade Evolve right here.

Water-borne Trim Paints - limiting your environmental impact

Another ‘green’ challenge painters and decorators face is that traditionally paint hasn’t been particularly environmentally friendly. Or at least, it hasn’t been.

For years the team at Dulux Decorator Centre partner company AkzoNobel has been working on a way to formulate water-borne paints that still provide the quality coverage and finishes that decorators demand - without as many of the high carbon solvents you’d find in traditional paints.

And they’ve cracked it. The Dulux Trade range of water-borne trim products are faster to apply and provide a beautiful finish - meaning you’ll need to use less and waste less. They’re lower in VOCs, giving similar benefits to the Airsure range, and they dry very quickly - meaning your customers can be back in their property on the very same day without worrying about odours.

If you’d like to switch over to water-based, learn more about the range here.

* Based on in-can VOC content, measured in accordance with ISO 11890-2:2013.
** Independently tested for emissions, including formaldehyde, TVOC, TSVOC and Cat 1A & 1B carcinogens

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