Greater market success thanks to practical support

Greater market success thanks to practical support

With its popular high-efficiency pump series, pump specialist WILO offers particularly energy-efficient solutions for almost all building services applications. This is because by utilizing Wilo high efficiency pumps, you can save 90% of the electricity bill compared to standard pump models without speed control. Replacing inefficient old pumps for modern high-efficiency pumps can clearly be worthwhile, even before the end of their technical service life.

Using the latest generation of Wilo high-efficiency pumps not only reduces the strain on the budget, it also cuts environmental pollution. These advantages are extremely helpful sales arguments for use in customer consulting with specialist retailers of wastewater, heating and air conditioning systems, as well as specifiers of technical building equipment. Convincingly communicating the savings and climate protection potential of high-efficiency pumps can be a decisive factor in consulting success.

Wilo supports its sales partners with a large number of practical working tools. These offer support for installers and consultants, as well as boosting their marketing opportunities. By utilising planning and consulting tools, you will be able to serve your customers more promptly and more convincingly. These activities should be focused on inefficient pump replacement before the end of their normal service life, which can sometimes help for follow-on orders and a long-term business relationship.

Wilo provides comprehensive support to sanitary, heating and air conditioning specialist retailers through a number of practical consulting tools. It offers a special app as a particularly up-to-the-minute marketing tool for retailers who are already using smartphones and tablet PCs as part of their everyday work. The "Wilo Assistant" is available for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® from Apple™ as well as for devices with the Android™ operating system and as a web app (from for all other devices. It is designed to be a tool for wastewater, heating and air conditioning professionals to use in customer consulting as well as in configuration, specifying and installation. It provides a wealth of effective sales arguments for the use and specification of high-efficiency pump technology –to be used in conversation with customers.

For example, the App includes a function for calculating the potential savings in electricity costs and CO2 emissions of using Wilo high-efficiency pumps compared to heating pumps without speed control. In a matter of seconds, the customer can see the display on the mobile device and virtually instantly see what savings can be anticipated in the coming years as a result of switching to the new technology. In addition, the "Wilo Assistant" contains further practical applications for you such as a pump replacement guide, a fault signal assistant as well as a function for duty point calculation and pump dimensioning. You can rapidly find the optimum pump for any specific application. Importantly, many functions are available even without a mobile Internet connection. This guarantees fast, professional customer consulting – including when down in a basement where there is no mobile phone signal – as well as cutting down on the amount of mobile data exchanged.

The wastewater, heating and air conditioning specialist will enjoy support from the ‘Wilo replacement guide’ which is a useful small publication, helpful when looking for a replacement glandless heating circulation pump. It is available online at the Wilo website – at

Correct configuration of a pump is important not just for the installer but also for the specifier. This is where "Wilo-Select" software lends a hand. It is possible to find the appropriate pump for any application within a matter of seconds. The configuration programme provides product descriptions, operating instructions and specification texts as well as the opportunity to calculate the ROI. In addition, "Wilo-Select" documents the life cycle costs for all Wilo pumps as well as third-party products. The program supports data export into common industry formats such as Datanorm, GAEB as well as Excel, Word and PDF. The current version of the configuration software is available directly online ( or as professional planning software on CD-ROM with an extended range of functions and is available in 24 languages.

The "Wilo-LCC-Check" is also available online ( and is an important working and consulting tool. In three simple steps, it is even possible to use it for performing efficiency comparisons for the specific system, between heating pumps without speed control and high-efficiency pumps. This is an attractive feature in particular in larger projects, because these contain data for many old pumps. The program calculates the life cycle costs (LCC) of the existing pump, and compares them to the costs of a suitable high-efficiency pump from the Wilo-Stratos range. Transparent documentation with informative graphics and calculation details provides assistance in clarifying the savings potential offered by Wilo high-efficiency pumps. Importantly, the calculation can be included with a specific offer, in order to help the customer reach a buying decision.

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