Green roof for Leeds University

Green roof for Leeds University

Sedum Supply Ltd completed the green roof project for Leeds University. This was the very first green roof installation for Leeds University which was installed on its brand new performing arts centre. The project was a winner at the Leeds Architecture Awards for New Building and was also short-listed for the 2008 RIBA Awards

The new green roof will provide a beautiful feature to the Performing Arts Centre, encouraging the diversity of birds, insects and plant life right in the centre of the city and doing it’s small bit to protect the city from flooding.

The distinctive design concept for the building takes its inspiration from the Victorian Street patterns previously present on site and utilises a strong linear theme on the external facade. The use of dark coloured cladding, set against the adjacent glazed entrance/atrium space, works to create a sense of drama and makes a prominent architectural contribution to the campus and wider city.

Sedum Supply based in Shropshire are green roof specialists who supply and install green roofs across the UK. Sedum green roofs provide many advantages aswell as being much nicer to look at than the traditional waterproofing materials. There are however some much more serious advantages which may help to contribute to our current climate concerns. Green Roofs help to alleviate flooding. The soft layer of sedum blanket growing on a green roof also has the affect of absorbing sound, quietening noisy urban environments and reducing sound pollution within a building. It also increases the thermal insulation of a property making it warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reducing energy costs.

A very important environmental benefit is that green roofs encourage biodiversity of an area. Green roofs can help compensate for the loss of green surfaces, sacrificed to building developments.

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