Green Roofing Couldn’t Be Simpler with SIG Design & Technology!

Green Roofing Couldn’t Be Simpler with SIG Design & Technology!

Green roofing technology is now even easier and more affordable with SIG Design & Technology.

SIG’s modular green-roof system, developed with the Aldingbourne Nurseries, is suitable for extensive or semi-extensive applications over large roof areas.

Suitable for extensive and semi-extensive applications, the green roofs are made up of 0.5 metre square module trays. The substrate consists of egg-box shaped cells, which overlap and slot together to provide a seamless finish and provide plant drainage.

The planting usually comprises sedum or a mix of sedum, wildflowers and natural grasses that are indigenous to the locality.

The module trays are pre-grown by a professional nursery over a three to nine-month period and supplied as fully-established units, which means the plants are strong, robust and well anchored into the medium.

Strong plants mean less shock, less risk of wind uplift or erosion in those first few critical months after installation.

The modules are installed over a geotextile filter fabric, which sits on top of the waterproofing.

The weight of the system and the clever interlocking cells mean no fixings are required for the modules, so the membrane stays watertight.

SIG D & T Trading Director, Mike Crook, says: “Now roofs can work much harder. Sustainable roofing technology has been simplified to enable specifiers to select cost effective systems that deliver excellent green credentials when it comes to turning plans into reality.

"All products are tried, tested and guaranteed by SIG D & T, so their combination offers a multitude of easy but efficient environmentally-sound solutions.”

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