Hambleside Danelaw factory, Daventry

Hambleside Danelaw factory, Daventry

Type of works: design, manufacture and supply of Hambleside Danelaw Insulator GRP rooflights for the company's own factory.

Roofing products manufacturer Hambleside Danelaw is saving thousands of pounds on energy bills at its new Daventry factory after specifying the installation of insulated roofing panels and rooflights for the building’s construction.

Despite the big rise in electricity and gas prices, the company has been enjoying savings of up to £2,800 per month on energy at its 50,000 sq. ft. factory in comparison with the bills at its old thermally inefficient premises in the East Midlands.

Hambleside’s analysis of its energy bills would appear to underpin recent anecdotal evidence from the United States that because of the potential savings for the occupier, green buildings could achieve 5-10% higher rents over the long term and command a 15% premium in capital values.

The roof of the Daventry factory has been fitted with Hambleside Danelaw’s Insulator GRP Rooflight System. The roof and wall have been clad using Corus Colorcoat HPS200® (now superseded by Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®) and Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel respectively. The use of these products as part of Colorcoat® assessed cladding systems means the building can now boast that it benefits from Confidex Sustain®, the world’s first Carbon Neutral building envelope.

Chris Avery, Hambleside Danelaw’s Managing Director, said: “During the recession, the economic case for specifying energy-efficient and sustainable roofing materials has become as equally important as climate change considerations. Suppliers, architects, specifiers and builders, who might be looking for short-term savings in construction costs, need to understand that we all ultimately benefit if clients are made happier by the energy savings that will accumulate significantly over many years.”

In keeping with Hambleside’s strong environmental credentials, which incorporate a highly respected independent carbon offset arrangement with dcarbon8, the Insulator rooflights cover approximately 20% of the roof area. Insulator rooflights are insulated using an 80mm transparent honeycomb core to provide a U value of 0.8 W/m2K. This allows for considerable reduction in energy costs, such as heating and air conditioning. In addition, the enhanced levels of natural light coming through reduces the need for artificial lighting, further cutting energy costs.

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