Hambleside Danelaw launch tile vent

Hambleside Danelaw launch tile vent

Hambleside Danelaw's new Double Slip Tile Vent has been designed to accommodate small cuts of machine or handmade clay and concrete plain tiles at high or low level, as an alternative to ridge or eaves ventilation.

The new Double Plain Tile Vent provides an unobtrusive means of roof ventilation by discreetly replicating the tile profile. Available in Antique Red, Brown, Slate Grey and Terracotta, Antique Red and Brown also being available with a granular finish.

Both new tile vents are discreet and unobtrusive ventilation through an uninterrupted roofscape on pitches of 35⁰ or greater. Made from black polypropylene and polycarbonate, the Double Slip Tile Vent meets all requirements of BS5250 and BS5534 and can also provide a means of soil pipe ventilation or mechanical extraction.

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