Hamilton’s Metalclad wiring accessories make installation even easier

Hamilton’s Metalclad wiring accessories make installation even easier

The Metalclad collection provides an extremely robust and heavy-duty wiring accessories solution with an on-trend industrial look. Traditionally used in industrial premises, workshops, garages and schools, this look is now extremely popular in offices and the home, particularly those that have been converted from warehouses with bare brick and exposed metal conduit.

But while the product may look like a basic functional design, Hamilton’s Metalclad solution has been cleverly engineered with several handy features to make installation simple.

Getting to grips with Grid Switches

Adding and moving grid switches could not be easier with Metalclad. Often, competitor grid switches require the use of a screwdriver to prise the switch out of the frame, increasing the risk of damage.

However, Hamilton’s solution incorporates a small tab at the bottom of each module that locks it into position. To add a module, simply line it up to the correct position, gently press it and it will click into place. To remove it, press the tab and the switch disconnects from the frame and allows it to be easily removed. The grid solution is available in 1-Gang to 8-Gang units, and comes with the option of single switches, double pole switches, fuse, and neon connection unit modules.

No more guesswork

Some grid switch solutions require guesswork to ensure modules are mounted flush within the frame. You may screw the frame into the box, only to discover that it’s the incorrect depth and the switches sit below the front plate when it’s mounted. Trial and error traditionally gets around this, and often results in a loose frame.

To overcome this issue, Hamilton has developed spacers that clip onto the side of the grid mounting frame, or yoke. Supplied with the grid fix products, the spacers allow the installer to screw the frame tightly into the back box while ensuring that switches and modules will be at the perfect depth once clipped into place.

Meet the demands of faster charging

As well as offering switched sockets with standard 2.1A/1A USB charging ports, Hamilton’s Metalclad range also features a Euro Module. Designed to provide up to 45W Type C / 18W Type A of charge via the respective USB port, it is perfect to deliver the additional power required to support high capacity devices such as Apple’s MacBook Pro or iPad Pro.

Tamper-proof Red Key Switch Fuse Spur

In stark contrast to the silver Metalclad products, Hamilton is offering a Red 1-Gang, 13A Double Pole Key Spur with neon light indicator. This unit is designed for applications where the circuit must not be switched off, such as a burglar alarm, fire alarm, emergency lighting or critical equipment.

Not only does the bright red safety colour alert people to the unit’s importance, but to avoid any accidental switch off or tampering, it is operated by a key switch. One end of the key switch turns the circuit on/off, while the reverse is shaped to remove the fuse carrier.

Easy access earth

Ever experienced a unit where the earth tab is next to the double knockouts? This can make it a very fiddly job to get the glands into position! To avoid this, the Metalclad back box has the earth tab on the opposite side… a simple but time-saving improvement.

Easily a knock-out product

And finally, a small but incredibly important feature of the Metalclad range is its easy knock-out. The knock-out can be simply released from its enclosure by positioning a screwdriver at the centre and giving it one firm hit with a hammer.

In many competitor products, the knockouts are either too difficult or too easy to remove. Too easy and they can accidentally fall out and leave unsightly openings. Too hard and the product can be damaged during removal attempts. Hamilton’s Metalclad achieves the perfect balance. It’s a knock-out product in all respects!

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