HardiePlank®: Creating fabulous fascias in Essex

HardiePlank®: Creating fabulous fascias in Essex

Five times thicker than vinyl cladding, resistant to fire, moisture, rot, or pest and able to withstand winds of up to 150mph, HardiePlank® offers manay benefits. With nearly three decades of experience in the cladding and roofline business, Gary Stevens knows what works.

The owner of family business The Fabulous Fascia Company Ltd, Gary has been providing high-quality improvements on homes, schools and commercial properties across East Anglia for years, but says he hasn’t found anything to match the quality and long-lasting results of HardiePlank® cladding.

Hunting for an improvement on established products he was using, Gary had HardiePlank recommended to him, and found the versatility and durability of the fibre cement weatherboard impossible to ignore. Although most people viewed it as a “new-build” material, we saw straightaway the potential for refurbishing existing homes, offering something different and vastly superior to what was out there up to that moment.

Gary said: "It’s the way it looks. As soon as I was introduced to HardiePlank I was hooked – the product is so superior to plastic, even better than the grained plastic we were previously working with".

Gary added: "This product really will change houses. The reaction from customers has always been that they are really pleased, something that I never got with plastic. I also really love the colour range and always try to make people think outside the box, when designing the improvements to their home. I go into a meeting with a homeowner thinking ‘how can we transform your house?” Nearly nine years after our first installation, we have hundreds and hundreds of transformed homes, and just as many satisfied customers.

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