Heating system for Rolls-Royce showroom, Essex

Heating system for Rolls-Royce showroom, Essex

Project: P&A Wood Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Showroom, Essex
Architect: BRD Sustainable Architecture Building
Contractor: Cosgrove Construction
Specifier: P&A Wood
Heating Solution: Jaga Mini Canal and Strada radiators

Jaga HVAC specialists have worked closely with Cosgrove Construction to provide a powerful yet unobtrusive heating system for P&A Wood Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Showroom in Essex.

Situated in Dunmow, Essex, P&A Wood is the only independent Rolls-Royce Motor Cars franchise in the UK. To define the old from the new, P&A Wood built a new showroom which sits across the road from their original site. This new build hosts the range of modern Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, while the classics remain in the original building. While the exterior was built to mirror the original showroom the new build was based on the Rolls-Royce Dealership Brand Appearance Corporate Identity Guidelines. These guidelines focus on the use of natural elements such as stone sculptures and plants, sophistication of even the finest of details, classy lighting and elegant finishes and furnishings. So when it came to specifying a heating system for the new showroom, the upmost thought and careful consideration had to be put into the decision.

While a powerful yet unobtrusive heating system was a priority, energy-efficiency was also very important to ensure the showroom would achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. As a result, Jaga Heating Products’ HVAC specialists worked closely with Cosgrove Construction during the site survey, and were able to specify the ideal heating solutions in the Jaga Mini Canal and Strada radiators – achieving not only the technical requirements of the new build, but aesthetically, identifying perfectly with the clean-cut image of the Rolls-Royce brand.

Sitting flush with the floor, the introduction of Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating bordered the complete perimeter of the new showroom, with a total of 48 metres installed. As the showroom facades are predominantly made of glass, this approach not only ensures effective space heating, but reduces heat loss through the glazing - as well as eliminating condensation. Additionally, the trench units were delivered to P&A Wood fully assembled, factory pressure-tested, and beneath the grilles feature Jaga’s Low-H2O heat exchanger - offering rapid yet regulated heating at a reaction time that is three times faster than the performance of an ordinary radiator.

As well as the clean-cut finish of the aluminium grilles meeting with high Rolls-Royce design standards, Jaga found another trait in common with the car manufacturer in the offering of bespoke designing to suit its customer requirements. Due to the nature of the site, where cars are forever being moved and transferred in and out of the showroom, the trench units installed across door openings were strengthened to withstand a vehicle being driven over them. “Just as we like to tell our customers ‘we will customise our products to suit what you want,’ Jaga offered the same level service in providing a solution that would meet our unique requirements,” Tim said. Furthermore, the grilles were mitred in parts to allow a continuous line to border the showroom – again offering a sophisticated and balanced aesthetic finish.

Finally, behind the impressive polished-wood customer service desk which greets customers as soon as they walk through the glass doors, sits two Jaga Strada DBE radiators. The Strada units, which feature Jaga’s Dynamic Boost Effect technology to provide an instant boost of heat when required, were selected primarily for their extremely quiet fan noise. Reaching less than 35 dB(A) when on boost mode, the DBE unit fans are quieter than a domestic refrigerator. Additionally, while providing powerful heating, the Stradas’ slim-line design realise the Rolls-Royce brand vision, while sitting unobtrusively in the background.

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