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Highly efficient project management with modern pump technology from Wilo

Highly efficient project management with modern pump technology from Wilo

Pumps for HVAC applications are classic products that both HVAC specialist technicians and technical building equipment specialists have to deal with nearly every day. It is absolutely essential that the expert can rely on the pump technology, since it makes planning and execution of a project so much easier. When the order books are full, specialist technicians and consultants have very little time to process each order. At the same time, customers expect consistently high quality and professionalism in the completion of their project.

The pump specialist WILO offers a complete range of high-efficiency pumps, which significantly accelerates the ability of specialist architects and building designers to complete their projects. Wilo’s series of glandless pumps - "Wilo-Yonos PICO", "Wilo-Stratos PICO" and "Wilo-Stratos" - and its glanded pump series "Wilo-Stratos GIGA" - integrate seamlessly with one another. They are relevant for nearly all applications for heating, air-conditioning and cooling in the building services area – from the family home to a small commercial or industrial building. Having such a comprehensive range of products from one source means that heating and cooling engineers or consultants do not need to undertake a time-consuming search for the most suitable solution for their projects.

The high-efficiency pumps from Wilo are entirely ‘future-proof’ - they already fulfil all the requirements of three EU regulations from the European ErP (Eco-design) Directive. The regulations stipulate limit values that become increasingly stricter from 2011 to 2020 for the energy efficiency of electric motors, circulation pumps and the hydraulic efficiency of glanded pumps. So the high-efficiency pump series' from Wilo are able to utilise an "ErP READY" label.

One regular job undertaken by heating engineers and installers is the replacement of heating pumps in residential buildings. The standard high-efficiency pumps - "Wilo-Yonos PICO" - and the high-efficiency premium model - "Wilo-Stratos PICO" - are ready to be used in typical detached and semi-detached homes. In comparison to old pumps without speed control, these Wilo glandless circulation pumps consume up to 90% less electricity saving up to £100 a year from the homeowners energy bills.

Importantly, both series are easy to install. Their compact design and small dimensions as well as an optionally available angle plug, ensure that the installer can install the high-efficiency pumps easily even in difficult and cramped installation situations. A real labour-saver is the "Wilo-Connector" that allows a pump’s electrical connections to be made quickly and without tools. Commissioning is also very simple thanks to the pre-selectable speed stages on the "Wilo-Yonos PICO" or the intuitive menu-prompted adjustment on the "Wilo-Stratos PICO". In addition, both pumps make maintenance easier with their venting function or routine.

For larger heating and cooling circuits in commercial properties, the high-efficiency "Wilo-Stratos" glandless pumps and the "Wilo-Stratos GIGA" high-efficiency glanded pumps arethe answer. Both series provide significant labour-savings – in planning and implementation and during running operations as well. Thanks to the proven "red-button technology" - and a display that can adjusted regardless of position - installation, commissioning and maintenance are no problem. The "Wilo-Stratos" glandless pump series can also be expanded for wireless data transfer via a USB stick, so that operation, statistics, analysis, adjustment and data storage are possible from a distance of several meters from the pump.

Especially of interest to architects, building designers and M&E consultants is the ability of the "Wilo-Stratos" and "Wilo-Stratos GIGA" series to be integrated in building automation systems, which can also be included later as a retro-fit. The big advantage of Wilo pumps here is in their modular bus connection concept. Thanks to the optionally available interface (IF) module, both models can be made communication-capable for all system environments in building automation. Since the corresponding interface can simply be plugged into the pump electronics, integration into the building automation system can be achieved directly and without separate hardware. A connection to the building automation system could not be simpler to plan or implement.

The availability of a highly efficient and ErP compliant range of pumps provides enormous planning security and thus with the right software the choice of the most suitable pump can be made quickly and reliably. Wilo offers its "Wilo-Select" configuration software free of charge as a helpful, time-saving solution. Within seconds the most suitable pump can be found for any application. The program also provides further practical help with specification texts, for example, or amortisation calculations.

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